Below are some of the kind notes I have received from clients: 

Our friends, family, colleagues, prospective clients, etc. absolutely loved [the card you drew]. At least one person would make a comment at each holiday social event or meeting I attended after our cards were sent out. We feel that using your cards gives us a cutting edge – our company and message stands out among the barrage of holiday cards that are sent. Public relations is all about standing out in an inexpensive and creative way and by using your cards we are achieving those goals.  You do a great job envisioning exactly what we are looking for as well as thinking of quirky, fun sayings for the cards.  Great job as always.

— Gina Furia Rubel, President/CEO, Furia Rubel Communications, Inc., Doylestown, PA, www.furiarubel.com

We have received emails, handwritten notes, and several comments in person and on the phone about our card!  Clients have been telling us how they look forward to our card every year (this is our third year sending out a Pat Achilles card.)  They love how unique and creative it is, and tell us how it always brings a smile to their faces!  This year, especially, I think it really hit home with the ‘message’ we conveyed and gave our clients a nice little chuckle.  Several people commented on how they got a kick out of the expressions on our faces.  Just yesterday, a wholesaler/vendor of ours said to us “I think that is the best card I have ever seen.”  It sets us apart from all the other cards out there.  People remember it because it’s personalized and unique.  You are always easy and a joy to work with, and of course professional! It’s such a fun project to work on and I really do look forward to it each and every year.  Thank you!

— Mary Beth Kohlhepp, Kohlhepp Investment Advisors, Doylestown, PA, www.kohlheppadvisors.com

Throughout the year, our reps would see your card posted in the offices or workspaces of many of our customers. This is a terrific way to keep the name of our business in the forefront of the minds of our clients.  I would highly recommend that any business owner consider using your services for custom greeting cards.  You deliver a terrific product and working with you is a pleasure!

–Kara Hafer, Automotive Financial Services, Buckingham, PA

One customer said our card was the best card they received from a business!  I feel your custom cards set my business apart from the others and showed that I was creative and humorous.  You were extremely flexible and truly cared about making the card exactly what I wanted.

— Krista Clark, President, Clark Communications, Newtown Square, PA

Pat, I loved working with you – you had great suggestions and you did what you said you would do and you did it well and on time.  Your professionalism helped make my holidays less stressful!

Gayle Goodman, Entrepreneurship Consultant, New Hope, PA

I did see the card prominently displayed or posted in several clients’ offices when I visited in December. Thanks for your support with this key Pro-Active communications effort!

— Jim Shute, President, Pro-Active Learning, Doylestown, PA, www.pro-activelearning.com

My customers and friends knew exactly who the card was from the minute they opened it!  You have always been a joy to work with.  I give you a “FIVE shoe review” for professionalism, creativity, patience and talent.  You did a gorgeous job on our 32 page children’s picture book, Mommy’s High Heel Shoes, as well as the beautiful holiday card you drew with the cast from the book.  Your work always exceeds my expectations.

— Kristie Finnan, author, Mommy’s High Heel Shoes, Doylestown, PA, www.mommyshoes.com

I think [our customers] really appreciated that we put the time and thought into personalizing a wish for happy holidays.  I think it definitely promotes our business when you’re reading the card.  I appreciate all the proofs and your promptness before the final was done.  The time promised was met.  It was really nice to receive the original proof so we can frame it for the office.  It was a pleasure to work with you.

Kathleen Wilson, HR Administrator, Doylestown Lumber & Millwork Co., Doylestown, Pa, www.doylestownlumber.com  

Most of the comments we received revolved around what a great idea it was and “your drawing looks just like you,” or “I didn’t know what you looked like.”  It was all positive.  All of us were very happy with the card because it was different and made us look special to our customers/patients.

–Joel Shpigel, R.Ph./CEO, Focus Express Mail Pharmacy, Inc, Horsham, PA, www.focuspharmacy.com

Some clients’ comments on my card: “Your card was so hysterical!” “Funny!” “How true – if we could only do SEO this way!” I look forward to doing it again . . .

— Paula Gregorowicz, The Paula G Company,  www.thepaulagcompany.com

Pat did wonderful caricatures of all of our staff and we created a postcard, an ad campaign, and also used them on our website.  Our staff got a huge kick out of being “caricature-ized” and our clients had such fun recognizing everyone.  It was very well received.  My husband Jim and I feel that it was a great way to “warm up” our business (selling and servicing Apple computers) by focusing on our people and our reputation rather than our products.  We have since had a cartoon drawn for our “iPod batteries while you wait” campaign, and are planning on creating a “team” drawing of our employees at our Pittsburgh store.  I would recommend to anybody that the warmth of a hand-drawn piece of art will really stand out in the over-Photoshopped world we are in right now.  I know ours did!  

— Judy Habel, MacOutfitters, Doylestown, PA, www.macoutfitters.com

Our customers get a kick out of the cards because they are current and funny – plus you can tell some work went into them.  It’s not another foil card stamped with a company name – more personal.

Chrysa Smith, Big Sky Industries, Inc., Alpha, NJ

All our feedback was fantastic, they said it was the most creative business holiday card they ever received.  Your custom card reinforces our brand, keeps us at the top of their mind, but also approachable.  You’re fantastic!  Next year send us a reminder early to get our ideas to you.

— Megan Kristel, President/CEO, Kristel Closets, Inc., Conshohocken, PA

Our card is very identifiable with our niche business.  It tugs on the heart strings of our clients to see an Austin Healey 3000 carrying a Christmas tree!  I received several compliments on such a nice personalized card.  By the way, we would like to start work on next year’s card right away.  Please give me a call as soon as you can.

— Dave Hutchison, Ragtops and Roadsters, Perkasie, PA, www.ragtops.com

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