Thank you for stopping by my website, you are welcome to look through my book art, cartoons, caricatures, greeting cards and sketches. The pages listed across the menu bar above show some of my published work, and I frequently update my blog, Pencilled In, so you can take a peek there to see my latest gag cartoons, sketches and news about the illustration field.

Here are some quick links to my most popular work:


Some of my original art is for sale, and many of my images can be leased for online use. My Store page has some of my cards, prints and books, and you can email me through my Contact page to inquire about any particular piece.

Other places to find me? To see my cartoons for the New Yorker, click here. To purchase my Eagle Scout congratulations cards and posters see my Eagle Scout page or my Etsy shop here. You can find me on Instagram under PatAchillesDrawings.

You can make a brief virtual visit to my studio through this 3-minute video I made for the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce Artists’ Studio Tour:

All images on this website are copyright Pat Achilles unless otherwise noted. They may not be used without the consent of the artist. All properties are copyright their respective owners.  For permission, licensing or commission fees, please write me via my Contact page.

OK, now back to the drawing board . . .

11 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi Pat, I was great to meet you at our Bucks Mont Art League meeting. I/we all enjoyed seeing your work and learning about an Illustrators life. I also loved your video, I have shared it on my Facebook News Feed… Thanks for an enjoyable evening. 🙂

  2. Pat:

    I lost your card which you gave to me at the opening night of the Neshaminy Journal. Can u pls contact me.


  3. Hi, Pat! I have a cartoon idea for you. If you are aware at all of all the hubbub going on about pro golfers joining a new Saudi Arabian tour (LIV Golf), you might like this. How about a cartoon entitled “Saudi Arabian Golf Course”, with a drawing of a normal golf course, except the green lawn parts would be rendered as big sand dunes, the “sand traps” would be darker sand areas, and the “greens” where the holes are would be tiny patches of green. Lining the course would be lots of palm trees. I think that would be pretty funny, and make a good meme, too.

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