Illustrations for TAFE Productions

My friend Diane Crews has recently founded T.A.F.E. – Theatre Arts for Everyone, pronounced TAFee – in York, PA, and its mission is to give everyone the opportunity to be involved in, educated about, and entertained by the art of live theatre. Diane has been teaching, directing and writing fun and educational plays for young people and grownups too, ever since I’ve known her, and our friendship goes back a long time.

Her current season for TAFE includes a new version of The Jungle Book and A Christmas Carol, both of which I had a lot of fun drawing. I posted the pencil sketches last week –










Diane made some minor suggestions with these drawings, and I made quick colored pencil color sketches of both before I painted the finishes –











And then I traced them onto illustration board in prisma pencil and painted them in washes using acrylic paint thinned with water.