My St. Patrick’s Day Illustrated Cards

My mother was born in lovely County Roscommon, Ireland, and I adored my trip with my husband to that beautiful island two years ago. I’m happy to make my hand-drawn St. Patrick’s Day cards available now in my Etsy shop – one showing a charming illustrated scene and two that are funny in cheery Irish fashion.

The first card is based on the memory my mother had of the small farmhouse they lived in, where she as a very young child would play teacher, lining up pebbles as pupils on the stone wall in front of their house. My card, shown below, has a traditional Irish blessing inside, which starts “May God give you/ For every storm, a rainbow/ For every tear, a smile”. . . You can read the entire blessing in the description of the card on my Etsy page.

Here are the two funny cards, with the inside punchlines below.

For full descriptions and ordering info, do check out my Etsy shop!

My St. Patrick’s Day greeting cards

My holiday greeting cards are selling well on my Zazzle store Achillesportfolio – two of them give a little chuckle for St. Patrick’s Day, and one is a scene I painted for my mom years ago.

My humorous St. Patrick’s Day cards are below – just click on the link below each to see them larger on Zazzle, and to see the inside message:


I originally painted the third card for my mother, who was born in County Roscommon, Ireland, and lived there till she came to the US at the age of eight. Her few memories of childhood on their farm included playing ‘teacher’ – she would line up little stones on a fence and pretend they were pupils, and with a little stick she would call on them to recite lessons, or reprimand them if they were misbehaving.  I drew this into my little scene of bucolic Ireland, and along with the traditional Irish prayer that I quote inside, I want it to express the charm of Ireland and benevolence of Ireland’s patron saint. To see this card larger, and the Irish blessing inside, just click on the link below it.

St. Patrick's Day Wish: Irish Cottage Greeting Card
St. Patrick’s Day Wish: Irish Cottage Greeting Card by AchillesPortfolio
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