Lenape Chamber Ensemble Concert for Children

lenapechensspring14flyerTwice a year the Lenape Chamber Ensemble creates this delightful concert for children age 4-12 at Delaware Valley College, featuring world-class musicians performing short sections of the classical masterpieces that they play in their adult concerts.  The musicians explain their instruments and themes in the music in simple terms for the children in a casual,  interactive concert. At the end the kids are invited to dance to the music – so fun to watch!  Featured in this April 12 concert are works by Mozart, Schedel and Elgar for violin, viola, cello, flute and piano.  Simple refreshments are provided and children can meet the musicians and see their instruments up close afterwards.  Children $2, adults free.  info (610) 294-9362.  The Lenape Chamber Ensemble is a non-profit organization supported by the Philadelphia Cultural Alliance.

My illustrated flyer for the concert is above, below is a photo I snapped at one concert, while a garland of tots danced round and round the stage to a minuet: