More of my cartoons for “A Woman’s Book of Dirty Words”

A few more chapter headings from Mary Fran Bontempo’s very funny book about the ‘dirtiest’ words to women – a book with some great commonsense advice on how to ‘clean up’ the language too. Below are two chapters with a couple of the more positive words in a woman’s vocabulary, like Balance and Adventure:



A Woman’s Book of Dirty Words is available as an ebook here, and will soon be in paperback version.  To see a few more of my cartoons for it, scroll up on my blog to the previous two posts.

More Cartoons from “A Woman’s Book of Dirty Words”

I drew these cartoons for Mary Fran Bontempo’s new humor book A Woman’s Book of Dirty Words on illustration board in prisma pencil, with a gray ink wash over them. The two below are for the ‘Dirty Words’ Nice and Vacation.



A Woman’s Book of Dirty Words is available now as an ebook here and will be available soon in print.

Cartoons for ‘A Woman’s Book of Dirty Words’

My friend, author Mary Fran Bontempo, has a great new book out, full of her trademark funny wisdom. Below are a couple of my cartoons that serve as chapter openers for her book, “A Woman’s Book of Dirty Words” – for the chapters titled “Dinner” and “Holidays.”  The book is available now as an ebook here and will be available soon in print.wbdwdinner


Cartoon Animation for a Book Trailer

My friend, humor writer Mary Fran Bontempo, has written another funny and insightful book for women, to be released soon — The Woman’s Book of Dirty Words. It follows on the themes and success of her previous humor book, Not Ready for Granny Panties, which detailed:her ’11 Commandments for Avoiding Granny Panties.’  I was once again delighted to draw some cartoons for Mary Fran’s chapter headings, and when we were done tweaking the interior and cover art, she thought it would be fun to create a little animated sequence to promote the book, using the character.we developed for the cover.

Mary Fran suggested the action for the little scene, and I made a partial version of it to work out some of the movement, with just a pencil sketch of the figure.  Here’s how the 20-second partial version looked:

From this experiment I drew the full color character and made this finished 1-minute book trailer:

I used Windows MovieMaker for this animation. It is done fairly traditionally – I drew the character in various poses and made jpgs of her moving across the background, gesturing, etc., then put them in sequence into MovieMaker and added ‘fade’ transitions between frames to blur the transitions between actions.

When the book’s in full release, I will post more about it and the cartoons I made for it. I highly recommend The Woman’s Book of Dirty Words, by Mary Fran Bontempo – it’s very funny reading, especially for us gals, and would make a great gift!

Designing an Author’s 1-sheet

maryfran1sheetskaI’m working on a 1-sheet for my friend, author Mary Fran Bontempo, who is happily doing more and more speaking and seminar gigs.  A 1-sheet is like a resume that is both promotional and informative, and is fast becoming a necessary printed piece for writers, lecturers, performers and others who make public speaking appearances.

We still have some editing to do, and we will also do a back page advertising Mary Fran’s two books, but here’s the front of the 1-sheet at this point.  I picked up the color scheme from her website (which I drew the illustration for), and some photos from stills of a TV interview she did. Click on the image to enlarge.