My St. Patrick’s Day Illustrated Cards

My mother was born in lovely County Roscommon, Ireland, and I adored my trip with my husband to that beautiful island two years ago. I’m happy to make my hand-drawn St. Patrick’s Day cards available now in my Etsy shop – one showing a charming illustrated scene and two that are funny in cheery Irish fashion.

The first card is based on the memory my mother had of the small farmhouse they lived in, where she as a very young child would play teacher, lining up pebbles as pupils on the stone wall in front of their house. My card, shown below, has a traditional Irish blessing inside, which starts “May God give you/ For every storm, a rainbow/ For every tear, a smile”. . . You can read the entire blessing in the description of the card on my Etsy page.

Here are the two funny cards, with the inside punchlines below.

For full descriptions and ordering info, do check out my Etsy shop!

A House in Ireland

My husband and I made a memorable visit to Ireland last August – we traveled around that beautiful country from Dublin to Kilkenny, Killarney and Galway, ending in County Roscommon, where my mother was born and lived until she came to the US as a child.

There, by the generosity and hospitality of some newly-met Irish friends, we were able to visit the place where my mother lived with her parents and four siblings. In the 1920s it was probably more a cottage than a house, but it has been lovingly cared for and renovated by a new family, and they were quite kind to us when we visited completely on the fly. I painted this watercolor of the home and sent it to our friends for a Christmas gift, and I just heard from them that it finally made it around the world (my tracking slip said it went first to NYC then to Japan, and from there to Europe). So now that the surprise is over, I’ll post it!

My St. Patrick’s Day Cards

I’ve posted three of my St. Patrick’s Day cards in my Zazzle store Achillesportfolio – two of them humorous, which I’ll post below, and one a scene inspired by my mom.

My mother was born in County Roscommon, Ireland, and lived there till she came to the US at the age of eight.  Her few memories of childhood on their farm included playing ‘teacher’ – she would line up little stones on a fence and pretend they were pupils, and with a little stick she would call on them to recite lessons, or reprimand them if they were misbehaving.  I drew this into my little scene of bucolic Ireland, and along with the traditional Irish prayer that I quote inside, I hope it expresses the charm of Ireland and benevolence of Ireland’s patron saint.

St. Patrick's Day Wish: Irish Cottage Greeting Card
St. Patrick’s Day Wish: Irish Cottage Greeting Card by AchillesPortfolio
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Here are the humorous cards (not sure why the second one shows just the inside of the card – I’ll try & correct that):


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