Pen and Ink Drawing of a Modern Home

I’ve been recently posting a series of architecturally historic buildings that I have drawn in pen and ink, but I’ve found modern homes to be great subjects as well. I was commissioned to draw this home in the Doylestown area for use on the family’s Christmas card a few years back.

I love the setting, with the rambling driveway from which you get a long lovely look at the home as you approach, the sleigh decoration on the front lawn, and the symmetry of the building.

I’m open for more commissions such as this, though I do get busy as the holidays approach; so if you are interested I’d appreciate a note sooner rather than later.

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Little House on the Main Line

I was commissioned to paint a bridal shower gift recently – a portrait of the little brick home that the happy couple will soon be settling down in. It’s located in one of the charming towns on Philadel-phia’s Main Line, the string of villages that grew up around the Philadelphia Railroad line from the center of the city out to its western suburbs in the 19th century.

My client gave me several photos of the house that were very helpful, and also photos of the couple, since we wanted to depict the newlyweds sitting on their porch.

I started with a basic pencil sketch of the house from the front with the couple on their front porch together.

I drew a tighter but simple sketch of the couple, and then we thought to add their dog into the scene, so my client sent me cute pooch photos.

I tightened up the whole drawing to show to my client before I started painting, and with her approval I transferred the drawing to illustration board and began adding color.

The finished painting is below – it looked great in the frame my client picked, and the bride-to-be was thrilled with her very personalized gift!

My Sketches and Painting for a House Portrait in Acrylic Watercolor

I don’t know if ‘acrylic watercolor’ is actually a term, but I want to explain that I often use acrylic paints watered down into transparent washes, as true watercolors are used.  This is the medium I used for this house portrait.

I was commissioned to paint this home by the former owners, who have moved but wanted a remembrance of the house in which they raised their children.  I photographed the house, which is in my town, and started with a pencil sketch.


Then I use markers and some colored pencils to roughly lay in color on a scan of the pencil sketch.


After some suggested tweaks from the client, I painted the finished art, using acrylic paint in washes.


I use acrylics in this way for many of my other commercial illustrations too. To see the illustrations I created for businesses for their holiday greeting cards to clients this past year, just scroll down here, or go to .and scroll down through the last few postings.