Pen and Ink of a Grand House

I drew this elegant home in the heart of my hometown, Doylestown, PA, for a Christmas House Tour years ago. I used pen and ink, which I think brings out the textural detail in the bricks and stonework. It was built in 1910 for Doylestown merchant J. K. Musselman.

My Sketches and Painting for a House Portrait in Acrylic Watercolor

I don’t know if ‘acrylic watercolor’ is actually a term, but I want to explain that I often use acrylic paints watered down into transparent washes, as true watercolors are used.  This is the medium I used for this house portrait.

I was commissioned to paint this home by the former owners, who have moved but wanted a remembrance of the house in which they raised their children.  I photographed the house, which is in my town, and started with a pencil sketch.


Then I use markers and some colored pencils to roughly lay in color on a scan of the pencil sketch.


After some suggested tweaks from the client, I painted the finished art, using acrylic paint in washes.


I use acrylics in this way for many of my other commercial illustrations too. To see the illustrations I created for businesses for their holiday greeting cards to clients this past year, just scroll down here, or go to .and scroll down through the last few postings.