Cryptocurrency Illustration for a Hotel Magazine

My monthly illustration for an article for Lodging magazine focused on how new electronic currencies, like Bitcoin, may impact the hotel industry.

Because cryptocurrencies, as they are called, exist only virtually, this article presented a challenge to illustrate. The article explained that since cryptocurrencies are fairly new,  they probably would not be used so much by hotel patrons to pay bills as to help in the transactions of hotel financing.

To represent the infusion of electronic funds into a hotel project, I sketched a large Bitcoin resembling a gold coin, with a USB cable leading from it to a hotel; I drew some people about to connect the cable into a port on the side of the hotel building. I also tried a sketch where two people stood on either side of the world, one depositing money into a slot on the globe and the other retrieving the money on the other side, with a series of connecting points inside the globe.



The editor liked the first sketch idea so I drew it up tighter –


and then transferred the sketch to cold press illustration board, redrew the lines with Prisma pencil and painted it in with acrylic paint washes.. The finished art –


New Illustration for Lodging Magazine

My latest illustration for hospitality industry magazine Lodging involved one of those vague ideas that’s a bit hard to picture at first: delegating. The editor sent me parts of the article but it was not complete – it explained how hotels should focus foremost on their ‘hoteling’ responsibilities (great service and amenities for their customers) and hand off lesser duties if at all possible to businesses that specialize in those particular services. This delegating can help hotels accomplish key tasks without overwhelming their current systems and still providing excellent customer service.

I jotted down a few metaphors for delegating and sent them to the editor: I thought of a traffic cop directing traffic in a hotel lobby; a truck driver unloading packages to waiting deliverymen; and a football coach explaining a play to the team.  The editor liked the football idea, so I sketched it out roughly.


The editor approve this and suggested a few more props in the hands of the players, and to have everyone in golf shirts instead of padding, which I added in the color marker sketch.


This met with approval, so I traced the drawing onto illustration board and drew it in prisma pencil, then painted with acrylic paints, watered down to washes. The finished art:



Illustration for a Hotel Publication

I was happy to add a new client near the end of 2015, the trade magazine Lodging, which deals with hotels and the hospitality industry.

The magazine’s art director requested an illustration for an article dealing with people in other related industries switching over to becoming hotel owners. He had looked at my website and liked my cartoons, and requested that style of art. He emailed me the article and gave me a few suggested scenes, like:

makingtheswitchsk1a hotel giving an order to a waiter – since many new hotel owners have previously run restaurants;






and a restaurant patron choosing from a ‘menu’ of different hotels;





and I also roughed out an idea of a baker-cum-hotel owner who is baking a cake shaped like a hotel.


The AD liked my cake baking idea, and suggested some personnel switches, so I tightened up the rough sketch, adding more background details from looking at photos of commercial bakeries.


After a few more requested tweaks, I sent the editor a color sketch


and when the ok came through, I did the line drawing in prisma pencil and painted it in with acrylic paint diluted like watercolors, on coldpress illustration board.