Illustration about Room Pricing for Lodging Magazine

My monthly cartoon illustration for Lodging Magazine deals with how room prices fluctuate in the hotel industry. I wish I could explain more, but I usually only get a snippet of the article to work from, since writers are developing the story at the same time that I create the art for it! My understanding is, room rates change according to supply and demand, kind of like surge pricing on Uber.

I gave the editor three very rough sketches to begin: a vending machine with rolling prices above the doors, which represented rooms; a stock market ticker board with fluctuating room prices; and an airport flight status board with room rates instead of arrivals, with people hurrying to grab certain rooms at certain rates.




The editor went with the Vend-O-Room machine, and asked that I make the doors distinctly different so we could recognize that they were from different hotels. So I drew up a color sketch with colored pencils:


and when that was approved, I drew the finish in prisma pencil, with acrylic washes for the color, on illustration board.