Customized Holiday Cards set Businesses Apart, says WSJ

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal by Alexandra Berzon explains that, while ‘simple holiday cards from financial firms are pretty much the norm at this time of year . . . there are exceptions.’

The writer cites Kingsford Capital Management, a low-profile financial firm in California, that has won a reputation for giving unusual cards and gifts to their clients, ranging in genre from political cartoons to advent calendars to quilts, all customized to comment on the financial industry. “The novelty holiday gifts . . . could end up holding some value, art world insiders say, given that they are limited-edition items,’ often illustrated by artists the firm’s owner admires.

I’m happy to have a number of clients who also see unique holiday greeting cards as a sincere and creative way to engage with their customers and colleagues.  Below are the cards I created for this holiday season, Thanksgiving through New Year’s. My clients were Woodcock Washburn LLP, Lifetime Asset Management, Automotive Financial Services, Furia Rubel Communications, Inc., Hoffman Design Group, Safe-Guard Products International, LLC, Obermayer, Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel, LLP, Lennon’s Small Jobs and Pro-Active Performance, Inc.


Company Holiday Card with Caricatures

This is the fourth year that I’ve drawn members of the Hoffman Design Group staff for their holiday greetings to their clients and colleagues. HDG provides top-flight interior landscaping for many businesses around Philadelphia, many of which can be seen at their website – really an extraordinary company.  Hoffman always sends me good photos of each employee for reference. One of the props they use for some large-space holiday decorating is the sleigh in the picture. This year I went right from a rough sketch to the finished art, below, because – well, we were getting pretty close to a print deadline!cardhoffmandg2013sk1

hoffwp2I drew this with black prisma pencil for the outlines on cold press illustration board, and painted it with acrylic paints, mostly thinned with water to look transparent like watercolor, but in some areas I had to go a little opaque.