Eagle Scout Thank You Notecards

When a Scout makes his Eagle rank and is celebrated with a Court of Honor, there are always some exceptional people to be thanked. The journey to Eagle is guided by Scoutmasters, parents, friends and others who inspire and encourage the Scout to accomplish the challenges needed to achieve Eagle rank.

For these special mentors in a Scout’s journey, several customers have asked me to produce smaller thank-you notes for Eagles to use. I have now listed these on my Etsy shop, AchillesPortfolio. My Eagle thank-you notecards come 20 to a pack and have my “Eagle Scout on a Hilltop” illustration on the front. To see my Etsy shop for further ordering details, click HERE.

I drew the artwork on this card when my son was in Scouts, because I was so impressed with these fine young men who achieved Scouting’s highest rank. I have these cards printed in full color on sturdy glossy card stock, invitation-size, which is 4.25″ wide and 5.5″ deep. No envelopes are included, but invitation-size envelopes that fit these perfectly are easily available at any office supply store like Staples. The card requires standard first-class postage. The cardstock is made from partially recycled paper and the cards are printed in the USA, and the cards are blank inside so a thank-you or other message can be written by the sender.

For special orders of quantity or size on these notecards please send your questions by clicking HERE to go to my Contact page.

Small Biz, Piano & Eagle Scout Cards

etsy_4itemsJust a reminder that I created original illustrations for all the items on my Etsy shop – which you can visit by clicking here .

I created the Eagle Scout congratulations cards when my son earned his Eagle, and if I may mention, I’ve received wonderful reviews from people who buy and give them to the fine young men who achieve Scouting’s highest award.

I drew the small biz Thank You cards while I was a member of the excellent Women’s Business Forum of Bucks County, and can customize a message and your logo inside the cards if you contact me to request it. Those notecards come with the front message of either “Thank You for Sending Business My Way” for sole proprietors, or “Thank You for Sending Business Our Way” for small businesses.

I drew the Panda Piano notecards because I do illustrations for classical music groups in my area like the Lenape Chamber Ensemble and the Bucks County Symphony, and the cards are enjoyed by piano teachers, music lovers and panda lovers alike!

Etsy makes it easy to order, but if you are closeby me in the Central Bucks County area and would like to avoid the shipping fees that Etsy requires, just email me through my contact page, and we can arrange for you to pick up the cards from me.

For Artists: Comparing Etsy and Zazzle

1etsy_eaglecardhilltop1My experience of ‘opening a shop on Etsy’ to display my Eagle Scout congratulations cards has been a very good one.  I would recommend Etsy to other artists, and I’ll explain why for me it is a better fit than another popular platform for selling product art, Zazzle.

At Zazzle you can also open a ‘shop’ page, but a big difference is that Zazzle actually does the production work on your items – whether you wish to sell your art printed on cards, t-shirts, mugs, etc.  So when someone orders your Zazzle item, it ships directly from Zazzle and you don’t see the finished product – therefore you cannot judge the quality of the print job. Because Zazzle does the heavy lifting of production and distribution, you, the artist, receive a very small percentage of the asking price.


My photo display of my Eagle Salute card on Etsy.

With Etsy the artist herself has to have the products made and in stock, so she gets to monitor and approve the print quality – I like this aspect better even though it means I have to do the production myself. (I have a terrific printing partner in Cortineo Creative, here in my hometown of Doylestown.) When a buyer orders my cards, I receive the full asking price that I list on my shop page. Etsy also estimates, from a form I filled out on the dimensions & weight of my product, what the postage will be on the package, and that is added onto my asking price so the buyer pays that postage as well. Etsy provides a customized shipping label and packing slip that I can print out and put on the package; when Etsy deposits my earnings, they deduct the cost of the postage from my total earnings, since the buyer initially paid that postage cost to me.

The tradeoff in payment between the two is this: I can list my products on Zazzle for free; with Etsy there is a charge for each item in my shop. The charge is 20 cents per item per quarter of a year. So I do pay 80 cents per year for each card on Etsy – so far this seems like a good tradeoff, since I am being paid the full price of my cards. Another disparity is, Zazzle has a threshold you must pass before they will send you your earnings – I believe it is $50 – and it takes a number of sales to accrue that amount since you are making a small percentage of the payment on each purchase.  Etsy, on the other hand, deposits your earnings into your associated bank account once a week.

Edit 01/03/19: I have since learned about 2 other options with payment for Zazzle:

  1. Under your payment settings and the PayPal option at the top (in very small print) it says
    Note: For PayPal there is a minimum threshold of $50 to be paid automatically. If you have less than $50 balance after one month of sales, we will hold your funds for future use, or you may request a PayPal payment for a $2.50 fee. Payment will be made within 45 days.
  2.  And if you are purchasing an item from another Zazzle store, you may use your account’s  “Cleared Earnings” against the cost of the item you are purchasing, sort of like a store credit.

One other detail, on Zazzle, there is an option to allow your buying customers to ‘customize’ the item they are purchasing.  These custom changes range from changing the color of the t-shirt and ink color, to adding their own words to your design. While this may be attractive to buyers who want the item for a very specific purpose, as an artist I hesitate to let others adjust and modify my designs. I have complete control with my Etsy products since I do the production.

I’ll also mention, I have done no advertising at all – until this post – to promote my cards on Etsy and yet I’ve made a number of sales, and have received great reviews from my customers, without even soliciting reviews.

Edit 04/17/19: I have now deleted my Zazzle store, mainly because they announced “accounts that have been non-contributing (that is, haven’t either (1) published a public product, or (2) had a Referral Sale attributed to that account) for the previous 15 month period will be charged a “Non-Contributing Account Fee.”  I don’t make enough through Zazzle to incur another fee, so I’ve cancelled.


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My Eagle Scout Congratulations Cards

My son, who made Eagle in his senior year of high school, had so many fun adventures with his friends while learning the wonderful skills that BSA teaches. He often gets together with his scouting buddies, several of whom also achieved Eagle, when he comes home for a weekend – their memories and friendships will last a lifetime. I painted these two congratulations cards because I continue to be impressed with the values and hard work of these fine young men.

eagleflagwp16Both of my Eagle Scout Congratulations cards are printed in full color on sturdy glossy card stock, 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″, with an envelope included. The cards stand out because they are a little larger than standard greeting cards, but they still only need regular first-class postage. The cardstock is made from partially recycled paper and the cards are printed here in my hometown of Doylestown, PA.

eaglecardwp16To view the cards larger, click here to go to my website page. You can also find ordering info and pricing there, and easy online purchasing by Paypal or credit card for single cards or a box of eight.

I’ve had many repeat customers, with one father of an Eagle Scout writing that “these are beautiful cards and an inspiration to the scouts receiving them.”

I would be grateful, if you enjoy my artwork, if you would ‘like’ my professional facebook page, which is here. Also, my website shows the other greeting cards, children’s books and cartoons I’ve illustrated for all occasions.  If you’d like to get an inside look at my newest sketches and illustrations, go to my blog, Pencilled In, and click on the +Follow box on the lower right corner of the screen, to receive an email alert whenever I’ve posted new drawings. You can also connect with me on LinkedIn here.

My Eagle Scout Congratulations cards and posters

eagleflagwpI watched my son go through Boy Scouts, where he learned skills that I doubt I could have ever taught him – life-saving techniques, building projects, even archery and marksmanship. He also made some friends for life, both young guys and adult men who live their lives with intent and integrity; and I’m forever grateful to the Scouts for helping my son and many others grow from boys into men.

For one troop member’s Eagle Court of Honor years ago I drew a quick cartoony Eagle saluting, wrote ‘Congratulations, Kyle!’ below it and taped it to a little gift.  A lot of people commented on the cartoon, so I tightened up the drawing and made it into a lighthearted card, printed it up with my own sentiments inside, and it’s been a regular seller since then.  When my son made Eagle a year or two later I decided to draw another, and this time went for a more heartfelt image, a Scout planting an American flag on a hilltop, with an Eagle circling nearby.  This one has proven even more popular, and I’m happy to have two cards with two different feelings for people to choose from for their congrats to their favorite Scout.

My cards and posters of these images are available here on this site – just go to https://achillesportfolio.wordpress.com/eagle-scout-congratulations/ to see them and purchase easily online.

I’m planning to create a similar card for the Girl Scouts’ Gold Award, because those young women deserve a big congratulations as well!