Twice a year the Lenape Chamber Ensemble performs absolutely delightful concerts for children, in which the world-class musicians of the Ensemble play snippets of masterworks and also explain details about the composer, the music and their individual instruments. While developing the sketch for my latest illustration for their upcoming March concert, I learned that one movement to be performed was based on ‘the Pulcinella pulcinellaengravingtheme.’ I usually try to relate my drawing to one piece in the concert. Probably a lot of the kids and parents who attend don’t get the reference, but I’m sure a few aficionados do.  So I had to look up Pulcinella to see if I could put him into my drawing.

I thought Pulcinella was related somehow to ‘Punch’ of Punch & Judy shows, and I found that indeed is the case – the character of Pulcinella began in Italian commedia dell’arte shows and evolved into the comic puppet character of Punch in the English-speaking world. He’s usually shown dressed in black and white, with a black face mask and a long beak-like nose, a clownish figure.

For my sketch I thought Pulcinella’s look lent itself perfectly to a raccoon, right down to the pointy nose and ‘black mask’ – so that’s who is dancing in the center of my sketch, playing the flute.


He is entertaining a family of groundhogs because, well, we have both raccoons and groundhogs around my neighborhood.

I then traced this sketch onto good paper and inked in the drawing, adding some details as I went along – see below.  Hopefully a few in the audience will make the connection between the piece and my illustration!  (I highly recommend this concert to folks in my area if they have young children and want them introduced to great classical music in a very fun setting.)


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Classical Music for Kids

lenapecespring13flyerThe Lenape Chamber Ensemble does delightful concerts for children twice a year, I just finished this flyer for their April appearance.  These are world-class musicians who squeeze a perfectly-proportioned musical celebration for kids in between two grand and commanding evening concerts for adult music-lovers.  The musicians play snippets of their evening repertoire as they talk about the music’s mood, the composer’s life and how their instruments work and sing to each other.  It is a lovely experience for families – I especially enjoy when the dozens of little ones up front are invited to stand and dance however they see fit to the piece being played.  You can see all the details at their website.