Simple Websites

website_screenshotsI created my own AchillesPortfolio website on WordPress, which has been a blessing since I can easily update my blog and site pages myself. It took a little time to learn but WordPress makes it fairly easy to develop a site with no coding experience. From time to time I am asked to create websites for small businesses and, as long as they are indeed fairly simple, I can build them fairly quickly on WordPress.

I presently manage two sites other than my own – one for local landscape painter Ned Jordan, whose paintings of my local area, the Jersey shore and the Maine coast I really find beautiful.  The other is for composer/librettist Misha Dutka.  I met Misha through the Bucks County Gilbert & Sullivan Society and a while back I illustrated the promotional pieces for his opera for children. He is promoting his newest work, a grand opera titled Liebovar, to opera companies and agents, and wanted a basic website to which he can direct people to view his resume of work.

I recommend taking a look at these two talented artists – through their websites!



‘The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge,’ a new opera for children

I finished the art for this delightful new short operatic work aimed at children, written by Misha Dutka, which will premier on September 26 in Ft. Washington Park in Manhattan. As I wrote in a previous post, the story is based on a 1950s children’s book about the red lighthouse under the George Washington Bridge – and it’s just perfect that the opera will be performed right there, where the lighthouse still stands.

For publicity purposes I put the poster in an eblast that the author can email out to all his musical friends, and I added the featured singers:


The links in the image are not live, so I’ll repeat them here – for info on the festival, click here and for the Facebook page about the opera itself, click here.