Church Illustration Finished Art

In my previous post I wrote about the sketch stage of this illustration of a lovely church in Doylestown, Bucks County. Once I transferred the pencil sketch to illustration board, I started painting with acrylic washes. I dampened the sky area and painted in a golden haze, since the service starts around sunset, and filled in the burnt orange roof.


Then I painted in the cool shadowed sides of the building and added more orange to the sky..


I painted the warmer sides of the building and the cool colors of the stained glass, bell and slates on the steeple roof.  I added some stone detail since the church has variation in the color of its stones.


Next I blocked in the foliage and archetypal red church door.


And then more the walkway, bushes and the church sign.


At last I painted the people in the procession, trying to keep it loose but accurate in the details of the vestments and religious objects.


And the final scene . . .


Portrait Illustration, part 3: Finished art

To see earlier stages of this art, scroll down this blog to Parts 1 and 2.

The client sent me further photos of her dad after I’d started the finish, because she was not entirely satisfied with the likeness in my sketches. (I have never met the gent, was working from photos only.) She found one photo that really captured him and I was able to adjust the face before painting. The dachshund was not as difficult to get, thank goodness! It does reinforce to me that I have to insist on good clear photos of subjects for jobs like this, and the more photos the better, to really capture the subject.  In the end, she is very pleased with the finished work, below.