Illustration for a Kids’ Music Album

I just met with musician/composer/dad Steve Piperno about the art for his new album.  Steve and his wife Katie have been writing, singing and producing music for children for a number of years, and now that they have two little guys of their own, they are even more inspired.  For their first album they contacted me for a fun illustrated cover, to draw parents and children into looking more closely at the contents of the album.  We decided to portray Steve & Katie along with all the instruments they play and use in their original music. I sketched two versions of caricatures of them for their first album titled Are You Ready? Here We Go!


They went with the first sketch, with some changes.  The color sketch:


Which eventually was revised for the final CD cover:

I’m eager to start on Steve & Katie’s new batch of songs – the title of the album will be Smile, and it looks like I’ll get to draw animals and musical instruments on this one, two of my favorite things to put on paper.  If you have little ones I really recommend you listen to some of their delightful songs on their website here.

Family History Sketch

I have been going through old photos of my mother, who came to America from Ireland when she was 7 years old, her brother was 5.  They had three older siblings, but the others stayed in Ireland their whole lives.  In this sketch I based their dress on a photo I have of them coming to America on the boat in 1929.


Designing an Author’s 1-sheet

maryfran1sheetskaI’m working on a 1-sheet for my friend, author Mary Fran Bontempo, who is happily doing more and more speaking and seminar gigs.  A 1-sheet is like a resume that is both promotional and informative, and is fast becoming a necessary printed piece for writers, lecturers, performers and others who make public speaking appearances.

We still have some editing to do, and we will also do a back page advertising Mary Fran’s two books, but here’s the front of the 1-sheet at this point.  I picked up the color scheme from her website (which I drew the illustration for), and some photos from stills of a TV interview she did. Click on the image to enlarge.