Lots of children wonder why Santa doesn’t fly in on his sleigh with his reindeer when he comes to Doylestown on the day after Thanksgiving to meet everyone.  Doylestown business owner Lynne Anne Donchez knows the reason why, so she wrote the story down and asked me to paint an illustration. I went to the campus of Delaware Valley University myself to draw the stables near where this best-kept secret of Doylestown takes place. The story is below.



Where Are Santa’s Reindeer?

A Doylestown Christmas Story by Lynne Anne Donchez

Every year after Thanksgiving the children of Doylestown wait for Santa to arrive in the middle of town on a big red fire truck. And every year the children wonder, where has Santa left his reindeer?  Well here is the answer at last . . .

Santa lands at Delaware Valley University after flying all over the world, and his reindeer are tired from their trip. The wonderful students and staff have a nice surprise awaiting Santa though! The snowy fields are spread with oats and glitter—a sure way to call the reindeer in. They land at DelVal where a beautiful secret barn is set up and waiting for them. They are bundled in warm blankets, each with his name embroidered on them — Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen . . . and of course Rudolph!

During their stay, Dr. Carol makes sure they stay healthy — Doylestown is very different from the North Pole.  They are fed and watered with special treats from the students at DelVal, but they can’t tell you about it — it’s a secret!

The firefighters pick Santa up in their very old fire truck and drive him to the center of town, where all the fun and boys and girls await his arrival. Once he arrives and makes his way to the balcony  . . . The fun is just beginning.  Songs welcome him, and there is a wonderful sing-along to usher in the Christmas season in Doylestown. Hot chocolate, cookies and of course candy canes are enjoyed by young and old alike. Finally, Santa magically makes his way to his Doylestown home, where children can visit and tell him their wishes and dreams for Christmas.

What an exciting season! And everyone can be sure that the reindeer are kept happy and healthy by everyone at DelVal.  So next time you drive by the university, remember — somewhere on that huge campus is a beautiful secret barn, just for Santa’s reindeer!


Text (c) Lynne Anne Donchez       Artwork (c) Pat Achilles








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