Illustration for Lodging Magazine

My latest illustration for an instructive article for the hotel industry’s Lodging Magazine involved rating the entire guest experience at a hotel – at least that’s my understanding, since I did not get to read this article. The editorial staff was running behind on deadlines, so they just gave me an idea to draw & I did it! Sometimes that’s how publishing goes.

They asked for a drawing showing the process of a hotel customer booking a room through her smartphone, receiving confirmation, arriving at the front desk, chatting with hotel staff in the room, and then writing a review of her experience. I started with a rough pencil sketch –

and tightened it up to show the editor –

She approved this and I drew it on coldpress illustration board in prisma pencil, then painted it with acrylic washes. The finished art is below.

Speaking at the North Penn Arts Alliance

I’m looking forward to speaking to the members of the North Penn Arts Alliance on Wednesday February 6, starting at 7:00 PM. The group meets at the William Trego Arts Center, 125 N Main Street in North Wales, PA 19454. The Trego Center is in an old Church with a parking lot behind the church off Second Street.

I’m getting a slide show together of my children’s book illustrations and gag cartoons, and the public is invited to this free talk. See you there!

Addendum: If you plan to come tonight to my talk, and have not been to the Trego Art Center before – it is located in a building attached to St. Luke’s United Church of Christ, 125 N. Main St., North Wales. The easiest way to get into the Center is, coming down N. Main St., turn east on E. Walnut St. , go one block and turn left onto N. 2nd St. About halfway down that (1-way) street you will see the back of a large church on the left; park in that parking lot, and the modern-looking addition attached to the right side of the church is the entrance into the Trego Center. Go in the door and to the right and the room is the 2nd on the left.

Latest Illustration for a Hotel Magazine

My most recent illustration for Lodging Magazine accompanied another one of those hard-to-picture articles – it spoke about a lot of thought processes and planning but few concrete images presented themselves. The article explained how hotel management should handle an employee who had been injured on the job and was now returning to work, often in a diminished capacity until the employee was fully recovered.

I’ve found that when the subject matter is rather heavy and step-by-step, sometimes the way to make a more lighthearted illustration is to think in terms of a board game. I used several of the many tips in the article to construct a game with a manager driving an employee on the journey back to full capacity. First a rough doodle to lay out the path –

which I refined a bit, then transferred to illustration board –

and then painted in bright acrylic washes for the finished art.

Illustration for Lodging Magazine

My latest illustration for Lodging was for an article advising hotel owners to try to customize employees’ benefit packages to suit their individual needs. The idea arose of a stockroom full of various benefits, which were mentioned specifically in the story. My rough pencil sketch –

and a tighter tracing –

For the final drawing I thought of ‘personalizing’ the boxes the employees’ were using with little headshots of each owner. The finish is done with prisma pencil and acrylic paint washes on illustration board.

Sketch for a Designed Garden

I recently went through my Big File of Past Illustrations and came across some fun ones from before I had a blog, so herewith:


I painted a number of designed gardens for Burpee Seeds in years past. They would give me a plan of the garden with flower areas plotted out, and supply photos of the mature flowers – they usually did not have a mature garden grown when they were starting the marketing. So I’d imagine the garden in full bloom, draw it in ink, scan that, then paint in some areas. The Art Director would check the sketch, suggest corrections, and give me the ok to paint the entire designed garden.

Illustration for a Newspaper

I recently went through my Big File of Past Illustrations and came across some fun ones from before I had a blog, so herewith:


This was one of the first paid illustrations I did after college, for the Philadelphia Inquirer, a small human interest story in their weekend ‘magazine.’ I remember being pretty thrilled! Newsprint isn’t the best medium for artwork, I found –  I still have this clipping but it’s a bit yellowed.

Cryptocurrency Illustration for a Hotel Magazine

My monthly illustration for an article for Lodging magazine focused on how new electronic currencies, like Bitcoin, may impact the hotel industry.

Because cryptocurrencies, as they are called, exist only virtually, this article presented a challenge to illustrate. The article explained that since cryptocurrencies are fairly new,  they probably would not be used so much by hotel patrons to pay bills as to help in the transactions of hotel financing.

To represent the infusion of electronic funds into a hotel project, I sketched a large Bitcoin resembling a gold coin, with a USB cable leading from it to a hotel; I drew some people about to connect the cable into a port on the side of the hotel building. I also tried a sketch where two people stood on either side of the world, one depositing money into a slot on the globe and the other retrieving the money on the other side, with a series of connecting points inside the globe.



The editor liked the first sketch idea so I drew it up tighter –


and then transferred the sketch to cold press illustration board, redrew the lines with Prisma pencil and painted it in with acrylic paint washes.. The finished art –