Illustrations that Personalize a Business to Clients

Every fall and winter I draw a number of holiday greeting cards – and now e-cards – for businesses who like to show the human face of their company to their customers. Some-times I draw the staff themselves, sometimes I use humor to engage industry trends, but in all cases the card is created to personalize the company’s brand so their clients get to know and like the people behind the logo more.

This year Gina Furia of Furia Rubel Communications, an integrated marketing and public relations company serving many industries, asked me to draw her and her staff of delightful marketing experts in an office scene, which would be used on a card and in an animation. In the scene Gina would be interviewing Father Time while her staff zooms in through a virtual meeting.

I started with a rough pencil sketch of the scene –

After some edits from my client, like adding her husky dog, I tightened it up a little –

and then was able to scan and digitally color the background and each figure, such as those below.

I put it all together, along with Gina’s caption, for the printed card –

and the little trailer cartoon that appears on the back of the card –

and then FRC worked with an animation company to turn it into a video greeting as well! Click he image to watch.

Repeat the Sounding Joy

I wish all my friends a warm and joyous Christmas – a Happy Hanukkah to my Jewish friends too! I hope everyone’s holidays are filled with music.

And here’s a little music for you – if you’d like to see a brief holiday animation I drew a while back, click HERE. Make sure you have the sound on, to hear the music!

Philly Sports E-Christmas Card (one day only)

Philadelphia sports teams have had a tough season, but you can ease the pain a bit by sharing a chuckle about it with your friends today!  I’ve created the e-card below, and for today only, Monday December 22, I’m making available for only $1.99.

Just click here to go to my Christmas Card page and in 2 easy steps you can send this e-card to as many friends as you want to commiserate with, all for only $1.99. I’m not going to sound like an infomercial and say ‘Hurry! Order Now!” but I will just gently remind you that I’m only offering it today till 10 pm.

I can change the general greeting below the cartoon read whatever you’d like to say to all your buddies-in-misery. And of course the watermark across the art will be removed on your final version.


So if you want to order, or see additional info on how to order, just click here >> Christmas Card page.

OK, it’s 10 pm – sale is over!  thanks, everyone!