More Pen and Ink Bucks County Houses

In addition to the house drawing I posted a few days ago, I also drew these two lovely homes a number of years back, for the St. Paul’s Church Christmas in Doylestown House Tour. I used pen and ink, which I think gives a timeless quality to a drawing.

The first is a two-story colonial with a charming wrought iron fence and gate and a bracket portico over the front door. It was designed by local builder Jay Maxwell.

The house below, behind a stately crenellated stone fence, was built by Asher Cox in 1828 and is the oldest brick house in Doylestown borough. It was sold in 1831 to cabinet maker Lester Rich for $600!

I’ll post some more ink drawings from my picturesque home town soon.

6 thoughts on “More Pen and Ink Bucks County Houses

  1. You’ve enshrined those lovely homes for all time. Wish I were a Doylestown home worthy of your exquisite pen and ink renderings đŸ™‚

    • Cathy, you’re so kind! Really, the architects & builders of these homes are the ones to commend. I’m a great admirer of the people who built these handsome markers of our town’s history.

      • Yes indeed! The know-how . . the vision to produce those wonderful domiciles. Amazing!

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