My Illustration about Fraud Protection

The latest article sent to me by Lodging magazine explains how hotels can work to prevent fraud by their employees. The editor cautioned me to try not to imply that all employees steal, but to emphasize that a hotel manager’s constant awareness is the best defense against fraud.

The editor suggested an illustration where a hotel manager walks, leaving footprints,  from station to station around a hotel, checking up on transactions where fraud might occur. I did a quick pencil sketch of this –


and I also thought of a scene where a manager is in sort of a control room with a lot of tv screens, watching transactions up close, which I also sent her –


The editor chose this second idea. I transferred the sketch to illustration board and tightened up the little scenes on the screens. I knew the tvs would be mostly monochromatic and the control panel and wires below pretty dark, so I skipped my color sketch stage and went right to painting the finish –


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