Illustration for a Nutrition Slideshow

Recently I illustrated about two dozen slideshow scenes for a doctor who gives talks on nutrition and metabolism. One scene I enjoyed doing showed a ‘Paleo’ family during the winter months. The client wanted a family of parents and four children preparing for winter, around a primitive dwelling.

My first pencil sketch had the family getting ready for a hunt and adding skins to insulate the dwelling like this:


I did this rough color sketch using colored pencils –


The client wanted it to be deeper into winter, with lots of snow on the ground, birds migrating in the background and snow flurrying through the air – he even wanted you to be able to see their breath in the air. I put the finished art together using the computer to colorize the scene, and then put progressive slides of the steps into Windows Movie Maker to make the brief animation below. It shows my process of laying in the background and then dropping in the Paleo people, which I drew and colorized separately.






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