Illustration for a Hotel’s First-String

My latest illustration for Lodging Magazine is for an article titled “The A-Team, ” and discusses how strict training for a hotel’s front-desk personnel is of prime importance, since that staff is mainly the first point of contact for customers.

The article describes tips for making the front desk staff the best they can possibly be, one of the tips being a hotel manager’s constant presence and communication on what the staff does right and wrong.  I had two ideas for the illustration, the first being a depiction of the TV characters from The A Team as a front desk staff , with a  manager hovering in the background –


and the second showing some managers judging a front desk’s performance numerically a la Dancing with the Stars –


I thought it would be pretty funny to put Mr. T into hotel staff uniform, with his bling spilling out, but the editor said her office mates laughed more at the judging illustration, so we went with that.  I redrew the groups of figures separately a bit tighter –


lodging_ateam_sketchtighterI did a very rough color sketch with colored pencils on a small printout of the line drawing, to get my colors balanced.

Then I transferred the drawing to illustration board, outlined in prisma pencil, and painted it with acrylic paint washes. I always vary the skin and hair tones in groups like this to get a good mix of types.


5 thoughts on “Illustration for a Hotel’s First-String

  1. I agree. I like how you do drawings in pencil
    and transfer them to illustration board. Takes me back to my days at Moore.

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