Latest illustration for a trade magazine

The most recent article I illustrated for Lodging Magazine deals with a much more serious subject than usual: human trafficking. Unfortunately the hotel industry sometimes becomes inadvertently connected with this crime because traffickers use the anonymity of room rental to escape law enforcement. The article suggests ways to make hotel staff conscious of suspicious behavior by room renters, while staying within regulations of privacy.

1lodging_traffickingtypes_sk1One such suggestion is inviting local law enforcement to present information personally to the staff, so questions can be answered directly. I tried going with this angle for the illustration – my initial pencil sketch:

The editor approved it and I did a rough color sketch in colored pencil, also approved.  1lodging_traffickingtypes_colorsk1The editor did make the comment that everyone looked ‘too happy in my sketches for such a serious subject, with which I agreed. So I gave everyone more thoughtful expressions in the finished art.

This illustration, like most of my others for these assignments, is drawn in black prisma pencil then painted with acrylic paint washes, like watercolor.


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