Illustrations for ‘Don’t Be a Cow’

I recently had the pleasure of illustrating George Barker’s self-published book, written with his wife Rachel, called “Don’t be a Cow.” This amusing title comes from George’s philosophy, honed over many years of the ups and downs of everyday life, that each person should find their own path to happiness, without falling into line with all the other ‘cows’ they encounter.

While we have not met in person, George’s upbeat and gentle humor in discussing the illustrations that head each chapter lead me to believe he is onto something with his outlook on life. His book includes thoughts and lessons on the search for fulfillment – some formatted like a conversation between “John and Jane,” two everyday people, with Bible quotes, self-reflection exercises and even related popular songs for each theme.

Here are just a few of the interior illustrations I created and their chapter heads:

1dbac_wp1And here is the cover with the eponymous Cow – I recommend George & Rachel’s book and I think it would be particularly useful for young people who may need some help weathering the bumps along the road of life. Don’t Be a Cow is available here on Amazon.



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