Thanking your business referrals

It’s especially gratifying for a business person to receive a new client by referral from a satisfied customer — word-of-mouth is still the best form of advertising.

A few years ago I drew this cartoon thank-you note for this type of situation, and it receives many repeat purchases on my site.


My notecard is a simple concept, and works for men or for women. It is blank inside for your personal note of gratitude. And while it only takes a few moments to express your thanks, I constantly hear that hand-written notes receive quite a bit of fanfare in this age of email. My notecards are available here on my Store page.  They are printed on lightly glossy card stock, 8 to a box, with envelopes included. The cardstock is from a sustainable-forest paper company and the cards are printed here in the USA, in fact, in my hometown. And if you are interested in a custom-drawn illustration to be used as a unique thank-you note for your business, certainly contact me to discuss it via my Contact page.

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