Illustrated Bridal Shower Invitation

I created this bridal shower invitation last summer, but forgot to post it because I didn’t want to tip off my daughter as to the date of her shower!

At the time I knew she would have some red roses in her bouquet, art deco motifs in the design of her wedding invitation and a deep plum color for her bridesmaids’ dresses; but many details had not yet been worked out, and I knew she would not want me to give away details about the neckline of her gown. (I wrote about the wedding invitation itself in this post.) I created this illustration in flat shapes in layers on MS Publisher.1juliebridalshowerinvite1artonly2I used some art deco elements for the border and put an ivory toile pattern on the dress, keeping it very faint so type could be readable over it.  The final version with text looked like this:


It might not be apparent in this scan but I also glued a tiny stick-on rhinestone on the ring on her hand for a finishing touch, which really sparkled in the light when you held the invitation.

And the invitations were printed by the friendly and professional folks at Cortineo Creative here in my hometown of Doylestown.

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