Through the Travel Poster – an illustration

My next illustration in Lodging magazine is for an article about the resurgence of people using travel agents to help plan their trips. The editor didn’t have the article written yet – that happens  sometimes with their monthly deadlines – but she sent me the theme & general ideas, so I had to build from that.

It seems that millennials who enjoy ‘experiential’ vacations are looking more often for travel agents who can guide them to find activities and restaurants off the typical tourist path. A lot of folks are happy to have someone’s expertise when they are spending a sizable amount of money on a special trip.

I first sketched three very loose ideas and sent them to the editor – a ‘magic carpet’ agent, an agent in a suitcase, and an agent guiding clients to walk right into the travel posters in her office –




The editor loved the idea of walking into the posters, so I tightened up that sketch.  I asked her if there were destinations that were hot right now and she suggested Canada, (their national parks will be offering free admission this year because of the nations’ 150th anniversary), Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, and American cities like NYC and LA.


This was approved, and I made a few more minor changes in the finish, which I drew in prismacolor pencil and then painted with washes of acrylics thinned with water, on illustration board:




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