More Poodle Pics 2

I’m continuing to illustrate Once Upon a Poodle by Chrysa Smith, coming down to the wire now.  Here are a couple new illustrations (others are shown in previous posts, scroll back to see them) :



4 thoughts on “More Poodle Pics 2

    • Janette, I love your poem and art about time – how it never sleeps, and send the sunrise – beautiful! Thank you for sharing it, I did wonder if I was missing some posts, but I see you’ve been busy. I’ve done community art fairs too and it is always nice to get live reactions from people. Now, am I missing something, or is there no way to comment on your blog now? I don’t see a comment button anymore – so I thought I’d try responding to an old comment of yours. Unfortunately I don’t have a smartphone and so I don’t do Instagram. Looking forward to seeing some paper-and-paint work from you soon — Pat

      • Thank you Pat, for your lovely comment, and finding a way to do so! I thought I had the comments on for this post…sorry about that. Yes, it can be quite rewarding to get out and about sometimes, and share art in this way.
        It’s a challenge to find the space and time, to do more on paper or canvas. I hope to have a little studio built near the house, within the next couple of years. I’ve enjoyed freshening up my art supplies with some new tubes of gouache, and some more good quality “Arches” watercolour paper…and such like… The kitchen sink will need extra cleaning, with all the paint brushes I’ve been washing out, under the tap! Thanks again for your encouraging words, all the best, Janette

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