‘Fantasy Tales’ book now available

The Fantasy Tales exhibit of artwork by the Buck County Illustrators Society is coming to a close, and I again thank the wonderful people at the Scatter Joy Center for the Arts for hosting this event for our group.

I have copies of our full color book Fantasy Tales, A Bucks County Illustrators Society Showcase, for sale on my Store page here. The book is $10, plus $2 postage – if you live in the central Bucks County area and wish to pick up a copy from me, just email me and we can skip the postage charge.

bcisfantasytalespromophotoThe book contains the 19 color illustrations that our illustrators created as well as the stories, or excerpts from stories, that inspired the artwork. I must say I am quite proud of this endeavor – there are many publications, like exhibit catalogues or directories of artists’ organizations, that reproduce art by illustrators; but our book brings the written stories together with the art, which is illustration’s traditional foundation.

Fantasy Tales includes my Pied Piper illustration as well as work by James Bennett, Deb Hoeffner, Gil Cohen, Dot Bunn, Joe DeVito, Ponder Goembel, Rich Harrington,Monika Hinterwaldner, Becca Klein, Glenn Zimmer, Marie ThresherJoe Kulka,  Rebecca Rhodin, Pam HamiltonSandy Bender, Kim Kurki, Seth Robinson and Kathryn Maxwell.  There is a wonderful mix of genres, some of which are:

  • Deb’s Native American folk tale about how the fawn gots its spots
  • A haunting portrait of Poe by Gil
  • Jim’s jaunty Casey at the Bat
  • Monika’s charming Red Riding Hood
  • Joe DeVito’s mystical King Kong
  • Ponder’s hilarious surfing Iguana
  • Becca’s glowing Cinderella
  • Glenn’s Scrooge and Marley
  • Marie’s novice dragon
  • Joe Kulka’s ornery troll and billy goats

The book would make a great gift for young artists too, to show the variety of styles of professional illustrators working today, and biographical information is included as well.  Again, if you are interested, visit my Store page for easy ordering.



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