A Painting a Day: Polka Pigs

For the final Day 7 of a Painting a Day, I’ll post my Polka Pigs. As I mentioned previously, I love drawing animal instrumentalists, and this trio was inspired by my grandfather (clarinet), Mr. Pondl (accordion) and a tuba player (can’t remember his name), whom I heard play in my grandparents’ house in Allentown, PA, when I was a child. They were excellent musicians (all born in Austria), very stoic as they played; but there was one piece where at a certain point they would all stop playing and call ‘y-y-y-yip!’in a falsetto – then plow back into the polka – so funny and endearing! polkapigs_smallwp

Thanks to everyone for hanging on for the full week of paintings! You can see Days 1 through 6 by scrolling back through my blog.

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