Illustrated gift for wedding couple

I was commissioned to create an illustration of a client’s son and new daughter-in-law for a wedding gift for the couple. The client gave me good photos of the couple and their two dogs, which were to also be in the picture.  I first drew a pencil sketch tk1wpbased on a photo of them walking their dogs, with their faces in profile.  The client suggested adding in some tulips, the bride’s favorite flowers.

After seeing more photos of the couple I tried a sketch with a more full-face view. The client liked seeing their full faces, so we went with that.

tk2wpI did a rough color sketch to block in basic color, then traced the drawing onto illustration board and started by
outlining the figures with prisma pencil and painting in with acrylic washes. I made the final art 11″ x 14″, a standard size, so it would be easy for the client to frame when completed.

I emailed scans of the piece as I progressed so the client could suggest tweaks to the drawing, and she was very helpful in making the art specific to the couple.  The finished art is below – my client was
very pleased!



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