Fashion Illustration Wedding Portrait

A client contacted me recently to create a custom wedding gift for friends: an illustrated portrait of the engaged couple.  When my client showed me their engagement photos, taken in Paris, I noticed right away that they were a handsome couple with good taste in clothing style, and I thought it would make the illustration unique and quite different from the photos if I drew them using fashion illustration techniques.

Typically what distinguishes fashion illustration figures from other types are the long lines and curves in bodies, less detail in facial features, and the impression that the drawing was done quickly with some parts left unfinished. I kept these in mind when I drew my first pencil sketch, which was based on some of their photos taken near the Eiffel Tower. My client was also thinking about incorporating either their engagement date or wedding date into the art, and the French expression Je t’aime (I love you.)


The hand-lettered wording and the color gradients I put in on the computer, under my pencil sketch for now. I’ll show more development on the drawing in my next post.

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