Illustration for a Hotel Publication

I was happy to add a new client near the end of 2015, the trade magazine Lodging, which deals with hotels and the hospitality industry.

The magazine’s art director requested an illustration for an article dealing with people in other related industries switching over to becoming hotel owners. He had looked at my website and liked my cartoons, and requested that style of art. He emailed me the article and gave me a few suggested scenes, like:

makingtheswitchsk1a hotel giving an order to a waiter – since many new hotel owners have previously run restaurants;






and a restaurant patron choosing from a ‘menu’ of different hotels;





and I also roughed out an idea of a baker-cum-hotel owner who is baking a cake shaped like a hotel.


The AD liked my cake baking idea, and suggested some personnel switches, so I tightened up the rough sketch, adding more background details from looking at photos of commercial bakeries.


After a few more requested tweaks, I sent the editor a color sketch


and when the ok came through, I did the line drawing in prisma pencil and painted it in with acrylic paint diluted like watercolors, on coldpress illustration board.



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