Caped Crusader wedding illustration

A client asked me to create a special wedding gift illustration for her friends. The groom is an avid Batman fan, and the request was to draw the couple as wedding cake figures. I decided to approach it like a comic book drawing, with outlines and mostly flat color.

caullercolskwp1I first researched the Batman costume & drawing style, and made a pencil sketch roughly colored with colored pencils. I realized then that the wedding cake and indeed the whole composition would pop more with a dark background.  It fits with the Dark Knight theme too, the superhero who is the crusader of the night.

caullerpeopleonlywpI drew the couple in ink then, and enlarged the faces a little at the client’s request. The client had given me numerous photos of the couple and that made it much easier to get a good likeness.

I started filling in areas with flat color (in MS Publisher) like comic book art, and experimented with some different dark background effects.

I emailed the client a proof of the finished art and she approved it, so I had a few color prints made at my local printer.  I added a little hand-drawn shading on the couple’s faces with prisma pencil, to enhance the likenesses and make some soft touches that I could not achieve in the digital colorizing. The final art is below.


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