2014 Illustrated Holiday Greetings for Businesses, Part 4: Economical Postcard

My friend, professional handywoman Mary Lennon of Lennon’s Small Jobs, uses my cartooning skills for a New Year’s card each January, which she sends to thank clients for their business – and of course to subliminally remind them that she’s available for all sorts of work around the house.  Mary explained to me the jobs she is most often called for and together we developed some little scenarios involving a couple penguins.  The last two years’ cards:


They’re getting to be like two little vaudeville guys.  Now this year’s –

lennon15wpOn the reverse side, she thanks her customers for allowing her to help maintain their home, and wishes them the best in the New Year. We expect plenty of her clients tape the cartoon to their refrigerator, to keep her number handy. Mary does just fine reaching out to her customers by sending these out in the most economical mode of mailing – a postcard.  At our local printer we can get 200 2-sided black & white postcards on nice glossy cardstock for about $60. Postcards of course don’t even need an envelope, and take less postage than regular cards, so there’s even more savings.  I like to think the postal workers might get a chuckle out of delivering them too!

More cards in the next post – scroll down to see previous posts in this series.

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