2014 Illustrated Holiday Greetings for Businesses, Part 3: Card and Animation

For years I’ve enjoyed working with the team at Furia Rubel Communications, an award-winning integrated marketing and public relations agency. FRC always looks to present their brand in unique and creative ways,.and in their holiday greeting to their colleagues and clients we work together to come up with an illustration that combines both gag cartooning and caricature of a sort. The joke invariably revolves around the buzzwords they use with their p.r. clients, then we angle it toward a traditional holiday scene, and finally include simplified caricatures of each member of the FRC team.

The theme of this year’s sketch dealt with media technology, with a little poke at its obsolescence:

.  furia14skwp

We tweaked it a little and FRC framed the caption better, as a solution to the problem – here’s the final:


Very apropos for their industry. The unique thing about Furia Rubel is, they don’t stop with this art as just a greeting card.  When I create the art, I draw all the elements separately so FRC can send them to their animator Tom Donnelly of TD Post and Animation to create this very fun, very short, holiday video card:

That’s FRC president Gina Furia Rubel’s voice in the video too – It all creates a pretty memorable greeting for their business friends!

More cards in upcoming posts – scroll down to see previous cards in this series.

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