The Harmonious Bear Blacksmith

lenchfall14sk2wpdetail2It’s time for me to draw another flyer for the wonderful Children’s Concerts of the Lenape Chamber Ensemble, for their November performance.  This concert will feature the Ensemble’s world-class musicians performing snippets of classical gems for the 150 or so kids and parents who attend, and also explaining, in simple terms, musical themes, how their instruments work, and a bit of the history of the composers to the audience as well. Each concert I’ve attended has been a really delightful experience.

The program includes a Handel piece that has acquired a nickname, The Harmonious Blacksmith, because of its rhythmic beat, so I created a little scene based on that.  As in the past, I put animals in the musician roles, this time it’s bears; and I try to include all the instruments that will actually be played at the concert. (Click on the image below to enlarge) I start very roughly in pencil:



I put the text in with my computer at this stage, but then I trace it by hand for the finish – it’s how I’ve always done the flyer, since my pre-home-computer days, and they like the hand-lettered look. Below I’ve traced the elements of the sketch in pencil and started adding details to the figures and the instruments.  I enjoyed researching photos of old blacksmiths & their tools, to add some specifics to the drawing:



Tomorrow I’ll post the inked-in finished art.

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