The Book of Jims

thebookofjimscoverfinal3In some posts a while back I showed my steps in painting the cover illustration for The Book of Jims, by my friend Jim Miller. I’m very pleased to say it is now available for purchase through either AuthorHouse or Amazon.  

I did not get to read the full book before I did the art – a common occurrence, with deadlines being what they are – but Jim gave me a rough table of contents and he suggested which Jims should be depicted on the cover. The first thing I learned from this book was the word ‘Olio’ in the subtitle.  Even though I’ve done my share of crossword puzzles, I’d never seen that one! Has nothing to do with margarine. It means ‘a miscellaneous collection,’ and that is an apt description of the witty path the author leads you through in this book – royal Jims, explorer Jims, places named after Jims, food christened with Jim variations, sports Jims, poetry by and about Jims – and more oliotic tales. (Made that up, do not use in a crossword.)

I must note that AuthorHouse did a nice print job – I’ve had other books done by other print-on-demand publishers, many with mediocre production results – but the paper is very nice, they printed my art well and have pleasing margins for the text.  That’s been my biggest complaint among other printers, small margins that cram too much text on the page and into the gutter.

The Book of Jims is a fun & interesting read, especially to other Jims, but for anyone who likes quips and quirks of history. 





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