Small Biz Cafe Illustration

A while back the Harrisburg Patriot-News ran an article on the categories of start-ups being created mainly by women and minorities. I’ve seen many local businesses with bulletin boards crammed full of business cards, so when they assigned me the illustration, I drew what the current Small Biz Cafe would look like, and had fun developing some puns for the business names.  I first drew a line version of it, then markered it in for approval by the editor.



I drew the finished art first with black Prisma pencil, then painted in the color with acrylics, watered down to watercolor-like transparency.



It’s just dawning on the guy at the end of the counter who’s checking the want ads that he should be networking with the breakfast gang for his next job. (You may conclude correctly that this illustration was done some years ago, today he’d be checking Monster on his smartphone, sans paper.)

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