Flyer design for Doylestown Symphonic Winds

dswgiveusthisdayflyerfinishThe Doylestown Symphonic Winds will perform in concert on August 8th, and they asked me to put together a summery flyer for the event.  They are led by Gina Lenox and Jack Schmidt, and the musicians play everything from clarinet, oboe, flute and saxophone to french horn, trumpet, trombone and tuba. They also include a pianist and some drums and xylophone.

Their concert will take place in the beautiful new theater at Delaware Valley College, in the Life Sciences Building, and it will be free admission! The college is on Rte. 202 just a little south of Doylestown, and it’s easy to park in the lot right next to the building if you enter from onto New Britain Road.

I designed a simple and graphic image of a sunrise for the flyer, because several of the pieces they will play – Early Light, Give Us This Day and Lauds – reference the morning. They’ve asked me to update their logo too, which I will work on before their next performance event.

Orchestral music is a fave of mine – the Doylestown Symphonic Winds are also doing a lovely Vaughan Williams piece, Rhosymedre – I’m very much looking forward to attending.

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