A while back I was given an article to illustrate for AAA Magazine, about the differences in car-buying attitudes of a teen driver vs. the teen’s parent.  I decided on a dad and son for my sketches, since the young guys I’ve known have pretty strong preferences about the cars they drive. aaacarsk1

If you click on the sketches to enlarge, you’ll see in the first one there’s Dad & Son each giving a car 4 stars, but for different reasons – safe vs. cool; then Dad paging through a clipboard full of statistics while Son listens for signs of hipness through a cool-detector; and finally Dad washing the car while Son paints racing stripes & flames on it.

Then on to some color marker sketches, tightening them up, with a few changes:


Same two up top, better developed; and changed the bottom one to Dad & Son comparing picks in car magazines.

Which one did the art director go with?  here’s the printed art, done in acrylic paint washes on illustration board:



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