Illustrated ads, Part 2: revision and research

marketingadsroughI had indicated to my client on the hot air balloon sketch that I intended to make the small group of people to the side of the large crowd vaguely resemble her and her team – shaking hands or high-fiving.  Because these figures would be quite small, the resemblances would be general – hair length and color and relative heights.  She requested that her team be in front & center of the crowd instead of off to the side; this would at least make it easier to get a resemblance since they could be a little bigger.

Next came some deeper photo research into hot air balloons and magnificent, colorful skies. I had a picture in y mind of kind of a fish-eye view of the clouds where they would bend to circle around the balloon, and get deeper in hue as they moved farther from the horizon.


And revisions to the drawing of my client’s team – from little individual sketches to a nicely composed group.


The next step would be roughing out the color. I had to get through this quickly because now the job had become a rush.  I’ll show final steps next week.

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