Rough sketches for illustrated ads

A client who does marketing support services for businesses needed some ideas and art for her magazine ads. My client did not want her staff pictured front & center, which has been done in previous ads; she wanted this message to be that they put their clients first, but are still behind the scenes maintaining their clients’ image.  My first two very rough sketches for myself looked like this:

marketingadsrough1I pictured a hot air balloon rising in a colorful sky, with some business folks in the basket waving happily to the cheering crowd of business folks below, and the crowd on the ground would include my marketing friend and her staff. The idea was, the business was taking off and the ground crew included my client.  The second idea was a nicely framed photo of a ‘company’ but in the details of the frame you would be able to see bits of what the marketers do to maintain that ‘image’ – writing press releases, doing social media, building websites. The idea was, my marketing client frames a company’s identity so they always look their best.

I drew them up a little tighter, but still pretty rough, to send to my client:

marketingadsrough2I’ll mention that, fortunately, both these ideas solve the eternal illustrative problem of picturing companies in a politically correct way – I could use several people to represent each company, and so include minorities in the picture. Originally I had thought of the ‘frame’ sketch as a photo portrait of a businessman; but that would never play in today’s business climate, since so many businesses are run and owned by women.

I’ll soon post my process in completing this assignment.

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