3 thoughts on “The Shadow Knows

  1. Pat: I am a friend of Blaine’s and just found the link to get into your web site. I used to receive your daily cartoons and miss them. Congrats on your New Yorker cartoons being accepted. I think we are close to the same age. While in college at Drew University, I used to sit in the library stacks and go through the bound copies to look at the cartoons. My brother, John Mertz, is a painter of local scenes in Bucks County and other places he has visited. He graduated from and then taught at DVU. He retired about 3 years ago. He retired once and they begged him to come back because his replacement did not work out. His work is displayed in Peddler’s Village at the coop. He still paints and they just moved to Chalfont to a small development for seniors. I hope to be able keep up with your work and happenings. Laura Beyer

    • Laura, thank you so much for writing! Of course I remember your name, and I still am friends with Blaine. I recognize your brother’s name too and he does lovely work, I looked him up online. If you want to ‘follow’ my blog so you get emails when I put up some artwork you can click on the button ‘+Follow’ that appears near the bottom of the home page or the ‘Pencilled In’ page. thank you again for your kind words!

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